Small-headed hump-backed spider flies are a nightmare – if you are a spider!

Most people are familiar with spider hunting wasps, but have you ever heard of flies that kill spiders?

All known species of flies in the family Acroceridae – otherwise known as ‘spider flies’ – are internal parasites of spiders. In other words, their larvae feed inside spiders.

It’s how the larvae manage to get inside the spider that makes this story interesting. Let me know if you like the video!

Scorpionflies: Why is the word scorpion in their name?

Scorpionflies and hangingflies have intriguing names. What is a scorpionfly? Does it have anything to do with scorpions? These fascinating insects belong to the order Mecoptera. It’s a small order of insects – only about 600 species. Learn more about these amazing and unusual insects in this video. It’s worth watching just to see the mating behaviour of hanging flies! In the video I refer to my Bug Basics video on insect life cycles. You can view that here: LINK