Scorpionflies: Why is the word scorpion in their name?

Scorpionflies and hangingflies have intriguing names. What is a scorpionfly? Does it have anything to do with scorpions? These fascinating insects belong to the order Mecoptera. It’s a small order of insects – only about 600 species. Learn more about these amazing and unusual insects in this video. It’s worth watching just to see the mating behaviour of hanging flies! In the video I refer to my Bug Basics video on insect life cycles. You can view that here: LINK


2 Replies to “Scorpionflies: Why is the word scorpion in their name?”

  1. All of your One Minute Bugs are absolutely fascinating gems and your presentation enhances them. Thank you for these priceless gifts.

    • Thanks very much Pete.
      It really helps keep the creative juices flowing when I receive such positive feedback!